• iacob bacian

    iacob bacian

    Relational #coaching for #socialjustice — https://linktr.ee/iacobcoaching

  • Logan Timmins

    Logan Timmins

    Logan is a queer trans man from Melbourne/Naarm, Australia. He is passionate about storytelling and all the powerful ways it can move and change people.

  • Emma Parnell

    Emma Parnell

    Contract specialist in user research, service design and brand development. designforjoy.co.uk Previously @wearesnook, @nhsdigital, @wearewithyou.

  • Belinda Godby

    Belinda Godby

  • Jess Allison

    Jess Allison

    Optimist. Traveller. Dreamer. Doer. Digital Producer. Delivery Lead.

  • Tyler Gindraux

    Tyler Gindraux

    I research and design services, products and places. I’m interested in participatory approaches to design.

  • Emily M Hamilton

    Emily M Hamilton

  • Karaitiana Wilson

    Karaitiana Wilson

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